Sunday, April 04, 2010

Fun with hatching with a Sharpie! I don't really know what the fuck he is, but regardless i do love him so...

Fun with color pencils. I really want to figure out how the fuck to light stuff. Well that and Daredevil kicks ass!
This is a cat that I used to work with. His name is Dale and he also kicks much ass!
More to come.....

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Morgan said...

Nice posts man! It's good to see you so active.

Your lighting is definitely getting better, even from the last post I commented on. I'm excited to see how you push that one, by the way.

The Daredevil piece really caught my eye. I've always loved your free use of color and darks. Pushing the highlights is really working for you and adding to your work, man. Keep it up!

The selective use of hatching on the molten beast is well done. We need to get you some Copic grayscale pens to play with. I have a feeling you'd like them. The only crit I have for this guy is to push the weight on his arm a bit more. The only tension I feel in his weight-bearing arm is in his two fingertips. If you can bring that same pressure into the lines and form of his wrist and elbow, I think it would give a more dynamic feel. I also get the sense that this guy is massive, the way he peeks over a horizon line, so anything you can do to increase weight will help intensify that effect.

I got no crit for your Dale sketch. It's whimsical yet intimidating, like a cartoon saying "WTF are you looking at?!" It's a fun juxtaposition.