Saturday, December 20, 2008

So here's a few shots that I took today. It got up to a blistering 7 degrees today and another 8-10 inches is expected overnight. I friggin love this goofy little town. Enjoy...

and as a side note, I am in fact working on more artwork. I'll have you know that I completely ruined a very nice start to a painting just last night.

Monday, December 08, 2008

This first pic might not look like much to most and several will wonder what the fuck it is and a handful may believe this to be some contemporary art installation. To the "what the fuck" demographic: this is a freshly poured concrete floor in what is quickly becoming an attainable goal of being my own place. It's one of the original buildings here on the ranch, circa early 20's, and we've gutted everything out to start a new. I'm pretty stoked due to the fact that I've been living in Kim and Brandon's office for going on 6 months now and I'm pretty sure that this will be the coolest fort I have ever been a part of.
The next is the beginning of a slightly intimidatingly large project I'm painting for Willowbrook Nursing Home. This is a 4' LET 'ER BUCK logo. It's the war cry and matting call for all here in Pendleton OR.
I'm also working on a 14 piece 24"x18" series of characters in motion. If any of you readers are familiar with my silly little doodles of people with long ass legs and arms, it's going to be those. I'm post more when I make em.

This last one is just a view of what I look out at when I'm drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. Enjoy...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, it's that time again...12 Bars of Christmas! I know that i didn't post my t-shirt design from last year, but I had a very good reason; I drew it and had it on a shirt in about a day. I didn't much care for the art on it. But now, this one I'm pretty stoked on. Enjoy...

This is the one that's going on the shirt. Due to cost restrictions, I had to take the colors back to only 4.

Here's the full color version. Let me know what you guys think.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Well I haven't been posting a damn thing, but thats just what I've been working on. I've gotten a few projects that a forcing me to ruin paper and when the sheets are completely fuct, I'll share em. In the mean time, some phone pics from the Double Rock Ranch. Enjoy...
Fire is fun. When it's a 20' bonfire in your backyard it's REALLYFUCKINFUN!

The sunsets down here a for friggin incredible. These are all from our valley down here in little ol' Pendleton.

Friday, September 12, 2008

So heres what art work I've been working on down here at the farm. I haven't touched my friggin sketchbook, nor have I sullied a canvas with images no body wants to see. NO SIR! I have been fiddle fuckin around with an animation that I told be people I'd be done with before I left Seattle. That was almost three months ago...whadaydo? Enjoy!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here is a cheesy little panoramic set of photos I took on my last day down in Pendleton OR when I was down there earlier this month. Now those of you, i have no idea who you may be, will remember my last post about the beloved Double Rock Ranch. Maybe not, but no worries. My friends Kim and Brandon Benson own this ranch. Their crop... pheasants. Yeah, its a little odd, but its one of the best places to go to get the hell outta Seattle. Anyways, enjoy!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Here is an image that I created for Dr. Nicole Sundene at I forgot to mention that a good friend of mine, and now ex-coworker, Seth Williams also gave me a hand on this banner. You should check out his work at : Enjoy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Reservoir Dogs

So heres an attempt at getting back into doing some acting animations. I've been doing frigging talking loops and run cycles for so long now, I'm just stoked I remember how to set these types of keyframes. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Below you will find a handful of animations that I've worked for Cory In the House DS. Soon, a new demo reel will be here to keep these guys company, but until then I'll be posting some private stuff I'm working on so keep coming back.

I soon as we had the design meeting about this guy, I took dibs on the animating. I had a lot of fun with this guy. He is the final boss in Cory In the House DS. I was told to go a little wild with him, really Warner Brothers him up. Enjoy
Ahh, the Sneak Animations. These were one of my favorite sets of animations to do for Newt. I don't know why it was, but walking around the studio, trying to get the timing and then getting a bunch of other people to walk around me so I could see it was a hoot!
Heres one of Newt's Idles and what it looks like as he gets hurt.
Heres an animation of Newt running . It shows the three stages of injured he can go through as a playable character in Cory In the House DS
Here is one of several animations that i worked on for the Nintendo DS title, Cory In the House. This is Newt, one of the playable characters. He's sort of the Shaggy of the show. Surfer kid, plays the guitar, a little dim witted and easily my favorite character on the show.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long Time No See

Theres a certain amount of comfort in not having cable TV or the "Intra-Web" at home. You get things done, you get to play more and you can hone your supernatural abilities like flight or being able to "Freeze Frame" in mid air. Ok, those last two are bullshit, but you get the idea. Anyhow, heres a few things that have shown up around my apartment:

These are a couple of oil paintings that I've recently used to cover up perfectly nice white canvases. The nude w/skull was pretty fun cause I really didn't know what it was going to be when pigment first met the cotten. My goal was simply to paint a decent nude (not sure if I hit that bench mark, but thats hardly the point). Was she was introduced to the world, I knew it needed something more. Why a skull? Cause woman will fuckin kill you... nah! its nothing as deep as that. I just saw what looked to be an eye socket and then went from there.

The lower guy was fun cause I painted all but the final highlights with the image upside-down. I knew I could trick the paint to run if I promised them ultimate nirvana at the end of their journey. Fortunately, oil paint is more gullible than those who give their live savings to televangelist. It turned out pretty fun though.

So the top one is an illustration my Lead Illustrator, Russel did in pencil and I painted in Photoshop. Chucky there was drawn in pencil by my 3D Modeler Josh and again, I painted in Photoshop.