Monday, March 08, 2010

HOLY SHIT! Don't look now, but Tim actually posted something new and it's not even something stupid like whinny words or t-shirt designs, but actual art! I just finished this guy last night. It's 40"x30" of creepy fun. Enjoy....


Morgan said...

Hey buddy! I gotta make this quick, as the wife has been waiting for me to start dinner. I'm back into art blogging, now that my contract is up. If I can count on you to crit what I put up, I'll do my best to do the same for you. Hope all else is going well, too!

I like the feel this guy is evoking. I get a somber and introspective mood from it. I know you've called it done on this one, but I've got some crit to start this trade off.

He feels a little flat, and I think it's because of the low contrast on his form. To tackle that, I suggest bringing more darks into the shaded parts of his form. It's mostly the left side of his body and his head that feel flatter. The right side of his ribcage and his shoulder have a much more solid feel. If you treated the rest of him the same way, I think he'd start jumping off the canvas. More darks on the center/left side of his chest and face would unify your lighting a bit. I also see opportunity for a little rim highlight on top of his left shoulder.

One other thing is the blue. I like the accent effect it gives, but it's so localized it almost feels out of place. But it looks good. Maybe use that to rim light the left side of his whole body and head?

As always, I respect and admire your work, and I'm happy to see you pumping it out! Talk to you later!

Tim Thoreen said...

Grassy ass Mr. Dudra. You know, I said it was finished, but i didn't really believe it. I've never been satisfied with it and now with some of these notes, I think I'm going to pull it off Shitty's wall after I finished with whats sitting on my easle now.

So start postin some pretty pics on your shit so i can feel like a true art fag again.