Wednesday, April 07, 2010

More fun with Photoshop and this time based off of one of the most badass movies of the 80's.

Here's the original ink over pencil from my sketch book.


Morgan said...

First... I fucking LOVE The Gate, so you had me at, "hello!" I watched that so many times as a kid. The Gate II was a farce compared to it, yet still entertaining. It's a true 80's sequel. LOL If you made him brown, I'd recognize him quicker, but then he might resemble The Rancor more. Wow... calling all nerds...

Back to art!

The left side of his body feels too bright, but I also recognize that darkening it too much would unbalance the whole thing. You did good with removing the detail from that side. I dunno. Umbras aren't my forte, but that side is asking for something more. Of course, you can always just say, "Stylistic choice, bitch!"

The other thing is the highlights on the face and/or the space between his face and (viewer's) right shoulder. I feel like either his face or shoulder need to be pulled out more.

The lighting treatment on the right arm is fantastic and I find it drawing my eye very strongly (which pulls attention from his face and the logo in the background). My advice is to harness that and draw it up to his face, then across the logo. I feel his face could use more highlight. Use your base sketch to help guide you in placement. The jaw, and cheekbone feel like prime real estate.

My thought for drawing the eye from the head to the logo is to pull the "The" away from the "Gate." Maybe drop a little shadow off "The" onto the "Gate." Just a thought. You might have better ideas.

Again, I love the premise! I like what you did with the eyes and teeth.

Morgan said...

I noticed a vagueness in my suggestion for punching the words out.

When I said pull the "The" Away from the "Gate," I meant toward the viewer... not on the X/Y axis.