Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a quick photoshop sketch while watching the Simpsons. I really want to love the show that raised me, but it's getting tough


Morgan said...

I like me some doodles. Some of my favorite stuff has been from subconscious pen meandering.

I used to hate Family Guy and love The Simpsons. Now the reverse is true. There's a reason that shows don't usually run as long as it has... at some point, you're just beating, no, mutilating a dead horse. The show was edgy in its heyday, but now its just tiresome. Maybe they just need to wipe the whole writing staff... orr maybe some higher-ups... like Matt Groening. I wouldn't mind seeing his "Life in Hell" strip animated, though. Now there's some edgy material.

Morgan said...

So, I'm writing this comment strictly as a marker of how long it has been since you posted something. Show us your work, man! Also, my verification word for posting this is "vingimpe," which sounds like the pinnacle of insults. You, vingimpe!

Morgan said...

It's that time again, boys and girls! The year-long anniversary of Tim's last post is nearly upon us! Everyone, please hold your lack of applause until the 12th of May... he could surprise us! (though my money is on no, as you're moving...) C'mon, Turd Ferguson! Post some art!