Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hello all and welcome to (drum roll please) "Doodles that Tim did while he was stuck in 4' of snow in Spokane!" The first pics are shots off of my buddy Sam Foley's front porch. The entire friggin town looked like this.

Sam's birthday is December 25th and I didn't buy him a damn thing. The first night I was at his place, he talked about playing cribbage with his family during Christmas and how he wished he had a board. Your humble narrator, still quite light of pocket, decided I'd make him a board. Here is the photographic proof of the results.

And finally what you all came here for, wasted paper. Fortunately, I liked a few and here they are.

Sam and Brook are getting married soon so I thumbed through a few of her bridal catalogs. I thought I would be kill for all the fabrics and body lines, but almost all the girls have the same "hand on the hips looking to the distance" thing going on. Oh well, whaddayado?

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